Best Free App for IOS in 2018

Why pay for each and every app when you already paid a lot to buy an iPhone. Even the lowest iPhone does cost a plenty more than a normal smartphones. If you are looking for best free apps for iOS then you are in the right spot.

Here is our Free best App for iOS


OverCast is one of the best Podcast for iOS and its totally free. You can watch or download your favorite shows or episodes with this app and chill out for hours. You can also receive notification
of new episodes.

It allows you to play offline or streaming to save up your space and offers whole lot of entertainment for your enjoyment. It has better audio features which automatically raises quiet voices and lowers loud voices.

It speeds up play without any distortion in audio. you can pick up where you left off and also supports audio-only and video podcast.

Overcast is a complete package with Clean UI and powerful levels of audio. It is never a bad idea to pickup a podcast when it is OverCast and yeah, design is slightly better in Pocket Cast but definitely not free.


Well, LastPass is one of the standout free cross platform app available at this moment. LastPass is the best password manager out there with the likes of .

What it does is basically generates a Nearly unbreakable passwords for each site or app that requires one. It has good support so you can use it on computers, mobile devices, tablets, or any devices you need.

It is a password manager which securely stores your login credentials and when you are signing up for a service it really does its job. The service use TOUCHID or lets you use a master password to access your vault.


Waze knows what is best for the user traveling on the road when there is plenty of traffics. It provides you the fastest and most efficient driving route with minimum traffic.It basically feeds real time information provided by other waze users.

You can reach your destination on time or even sooner safely and it also provides you information on gas prices, ability to send your ETA to anyone. It is the most focused free navigation app available in app store right now.


It is the game changer in the whole music industry. It is indeed free for iOS, PC and tablets but not with all features. You can create own playlist to play full albums and its user friendly, thanks to its familiar design. It has massive song library of more than 200 million tracks and the social media integration made it even more rocking. With spotify online music streaming reached whole new level and you can keep hitting the play for hours.

Stay tuned and do come back coz we will update the list every month with even more apps.

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