Bootable Pendrive from windows

Two simple steps to make your Pen drive to Bootable Pendrive from windows

  • Create Bootable pendrive
  • BIOS configuration

Create Bootable Pendrive from windows:

Click start to open Power ISO tool if it is not installed in your PC download from here. Once the software is opened then check whether USB drive is plugged in your PC to make your bootable pendrive.

Now In your Power ISO tool go to “Tools>Create Bootable USB Drive “, After selecting it will show the popup select OK.

Bootable Pendrive from windows
Bootable Pendrive from windows

In “Create Bootable USB drive” dialog select source file by browsing from your local drive and select the destination USB drive, Press start. 

Be careful while selecting start it will erase all the data’s on your destination drive,  after pressing OK from the confirmation dialog the process will progress until the time elapsed. Once completed it will notify the process is completed.

Bootable Pendrive from windows
Bootable Pendrive from windows

BIOS configuration:

Once the bootable USB setup is done reboot your system. While booting again press F2 or F1 or Delete or Escape.

In that blue screen section go to your boot devices and make the USB as a primary boot device.

Thanks for Reading, feel free to ask doubts!.

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  1. USB boot is the way toward utilizing a USB stockpiling gadget to boot or begin a PC’s working framework. It empowers PC equipment to utilize a USB stockpiling stick to get all fundamental framework booting data and documents instead of the standard/local hard circle or the CD drive.

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