Simple 9 SEO techniques 2018 to bring up site within 5 days

For every business company or people its been a dream to bring up their website or product in the first page of Google search result.Then what is the SEO techniques behind that? It is the question for all the online surfers.The common changes are happening on every year for different SEO techniques 2018 but most us forget to applied it

SEO techniques 2018

Every small business wants to done SEO and they needs to be in first page of google result but unfortunately it is not easy.

..Most common belivers
All website owners will create a trending smart website and they will wait for days and days to come up on google page ranking.But it will not bring up

Why that is happening?
Killer website will never make you up in google ranking for that We need the special trending search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to be applied on your website.

What’s SEO? It’s a way to improve your website’s visibility, so it appears in search results. By making specific changes to your website you can organically increase traffic and please the Google Gods, so your site is listed when people search using certain keywords.

Best SEO techniques 2018 to make your website better ranking

Lets start how to rank your site in Google step by step, Now I should warn you this is an advanced SEO techniques 2018, so if you don’t even know SEO stands for then this blog  is not for you. But if you want to learn about it fast SEO strategies that get results you’re in the right place.

In fact I would use the techniques in this blog  to grow my organic traffic in record time Rajesh Velayudham  the founder of Brainak in this blog.

We are going to look at the step by step action plan for higher Google rankings including lots of real life case studies stay tuned.

We  gonna cover a plenty of things in this blog so study until the last.  so let’s dive right in I lost my first website jaquais in 2012 needless to say SEO was a lot different back then back in the day I’d spend hours looking for a domain name that contained my target keyword is

still available I’m going to be rich today tricking Google with exact match domains are phony back-links simply doesn’t work, so what does this strategy isn’t gonna share with you in this latest seo techniques 2018. So without further delay let’s get started.

Follow this simple seo tactics 2018 to bring your site up in google ranking within 5 days

  • Boost your site loading speed using some SEO techniques 2018
  • Keyword SEO techniques 2018
  • Content development SEO techniques 2018
  • Word count matters a lot!
  • Short Url plays a major role
  • Make Url target keyword between your first 100 words
  • Outbound Links plays major role
  • Its not yet completed now the real process get started
  • Rank Brain


Step 1: Boost your site loading speed using some SEO techniques 2018

Initially let’s boost your site’s loading speed Google has publicly confirmed that the use of your side loading speed is an important factor from my own experiment.

I discovered that site speed does impact rankings, but not in the way you probably think most people think that Google award you for having us fast loading website.

..experiments to the core

But that’s simply not true my personal experiments have revealed that Google doesn’t reward fast loading websites, it penalizes slow loading websites this makes sense if you think about it was the number one job is to give their users all forgiven search and I mean everyone hates slow loading websites. 

If your site load slower then, yes! Google is going to demote you want to hit a certain threshold of speed you’re on with most of the pages on the internet, so Google doesn’t see any reason to rank you hire makes sense.

Good now it’s time to actually improve your site’s loading speed first head over to Google Page Speed answer page from your site.

Here now as a pro tip don’t automatically put your homepage into this field instead answer and internal page insight it gets a lot of traffic like a blog post or article that way you’ll get info on a page.

SEO techniques 2018

That lots of your visitors actually see next hit analyze. Google show you where it pages code could use a tune up now Google’s tool is helpful but it has one big problem it doesn’t measure sites actual loading speed.

Seriously, instead Google page speed insights simply analyzes your pages code to get a more accurate feel for how your site loads to reflect users check out

SEO techniques 2018

GTmetrics asserted data on how your page actually loads to real life users, which is a much more accurate measurement of how your site speed stacks up. Next up it’s time to check on your technicals, here’s the deal you can have the best site with the best content.

But if your website has serious technical SEO issues you’re not going to rank fortunately identifying and fixing the sort of issues can be super easy.

Here’s how to do it your first step is to log into your Google search console, pay special close attention to the crawl error section if you see any issues with DNS server connectivity or robots.text that’s something you’ll want to fix ASAP. 

But they also create check mark you’re all set next click on the crawl errors but this will take you to the URL. error section of the search console perfectly.

SEO techniques 2018

Okay to have a few server errors and four floors but if you see hundreds of errors here this is something that you want to fix ASAP .The third point is key word research.

Keyword SEO techniques 2018

There are 3 quick techniques for finding key words

Google Suggest

First go to google and enter keywords into Google but don’t press enter Google will suggest a long tail keywords that you can target and when Google actually suggest a specific key words you know that’s the key word that lots of people search.

SEO techniques 2018

Uber Suggest

for you can also use the very helpful Uber suggests tool to see 100’s of the google suggest key words in one place that sometimes the best keyword is a term that you already rank for.

SEO techniques 2018

Google Search console

Next is about signing on tap key words in the Google search console .here’s exactly how it’s done first log into Google search console account and click on search analytics sort the results by position then scroll down into the hip positions eleven to fifteen.

These are key words that you’re already ranking for on the second page and with some extra on page and off page as to help you can get them to the first page pretty darn quickly, also exactly how to do that later in this blog  our last killer research technique is to use SEM rush.

SEO techniques 2018

SEM rush is my favorite keyword research tool here’s why with most keyword research tools you pop a keyword into the tool and get a list of suggestions SEM rush is unique and it have most of the  key words that they already ranks for

..lets see the future of seo

Content development SEO techniques 2018

Next process is content development back in the day grew bored award sites that published lots of unique quality content that’s why so many blocks are pumping out mediocre four hundred word blog posts.

But the truth is this, the whole published lots of unique content approach simply doesn’t work anymore today Google’s number one goal is to show the user best of all for giving key word which means they don’t care how many pieces of content your site puts out or how often you publish.

For example my has only 50  total posts and best competitive keywords like keyword research and SEO techniques publishing lots of unique content doesn’t work what does publishing last often but making each piece of content that you publish absolutely crazy amazing.

Here’s how to create crazy amazing content first make your content insanely actionable a few years ago doctor John Berger  from the university of Pennsylvania ran a research study to discover what made all my content go viral.

So what did you find doctor Berger discovered that highly practical content with thirty four percent were likely to go viral big content that didn’t contain practical info for example my post contains SEO tips and is highly practical post has generated thousands of social shares and hundreds of backlinks.

This page also ranks in the top of Google for the keyboard SEO techniques 2018.

Word count matters a lot!

Next you want to make sure that your content is at least 1890 words long.

Yes! this might go against conventional wisdom after all you may have heard that people won’t read anything online that’s more than 500 words, but I have data to prove that this simply isn’t true in fact last year.

I teamed up with a bunch of software companies to conduct a largest study ever in total we analyzed 1000000 Google search results and we discover that longer content significantly outperformed short blog posts in fact we found that the average first page result.

Google boosted 1890 words do you remember the answer techniques post that I mentioned earlier in addition to being highly practical the post is also super long.

In fact that post is over 4000 words next you want to make and for graphics part of your content marketing listen with their own study into what makes content go viral and they Discover that.

Infographic get an average of 2.3 times more shares than other content formats I found,  the same thing from my own experiments.

For example this post on page SEO contains a big Old infographic and that’s one of the reason that this piece of content get shared and linked to like crazy speaking of on page SEO.

Now they’re published an awesome piece of long form content it’s time to optimize it around your target keyword.

…some best seo practices you must take care on  to bring up higher.

Short Url plays a major role

Here’s how first make sure that you publish your page,  study found that short URLs tented out rank. For example my target for this page is SEO techniques 2018 ,so I make sure for my route  words also contains my target keyword.

Make Url target keyword between your first 100 words

This is also important for on page SEO, the first 100 words of your article why puts more weight on key words that appear at the top of your page sort of help you understand what your page is all about.

make sure to include your keyword once in the first 100 words under page for example in my SEO techniques 2018 post you can see that my target word right off between 100 words.

Outbound Links plays major role

..according to the latest seo techniques 2018 they have mentioned outbound links is more important.

To add outbound links to your page Google wants to see that your content is a comprehensive resource on that topic and that’s only possible if you link out to other helpful pieces of content, in fact a recent industry study found that pages that link out consistently outrank pages that don’t like out to other websites.

OKC just published you in depth keyword optimized piece of content so you’re all set right wrong published saying now. Time to chill.

Its not yet completed now the real process get started

About link building in many ways after you published a piece of content your job has just begin, that’s because it’s time for the most important part of SEO content promotion and make link building.

There are 0 ways to pull likes to your website so I’m going to share 1 of my absolute favorites with you right now broken like building here’s a simple step process

Find the page you want to get a link from step to find broken links on that page, let the site owner know about their pro can make let’s break it down your first step is to find a page that you want to get a link from this page should be from a site , internet has quite a few outbound links to find pages with lots of external links.

Use search strings like you work plus helpful resources and a key word in your links this will bring up pages with lots of external links.

Next it’s time to find broken links on that page you can find links aren’t working by installing the free check my lakes extension for chrome then when you find a page with lots of external links, run check my links it will feel all the links on that page that aren’t working.

Finally it’s time to let the site owner know about the broken link and offer your content as a replacement,  here is the exact script to set high name I was looking for.

Some information on topic today:

when I came across your list of resources great stuff I couldn’t help but notice that there was a broken link on the page,

I just thought you’d like to know also I recently published a guide on that topic it might make a nice addition to your page either way keep up the awesome work and you’re set last up I have a bonus tip for you which is that optimize your site around user experience “

Rank Brain

Google announced that they now use a machine learning algorithm called rank brain even though Google has been quiet about the details of exactly what rank brain does Larry King for words Jim has discovered how.

Rank brain probably works according to his data rank brain measures how users interact with your site into Google.

Search and rescue partially based on these user experience signals for example Larry noticed a clear correlation between organic click through rate and rank specifically, he found that pages with a high CTR tended outrank pages with a below average click through rate in other words rank bring all the measures CTR and uses this data as a key factor.

Larry also discovered  that pages with about 3 below 76 percent tended to rack best that’s because right brain also looks at how often people bounce from your site obviously the lower your pots rate. This is all about the SEO techniques 2018.

If you have any doubts feel free to comment below

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