Top Battery Saving Application

There is not much can be done since google is closing its door to Android when it comes to accessibility and developer tools. Finding a Top Battery Saving Application that really works is difficult when you have tons to choose from. Most of the apps that really works are for rooted devices.

We found working battery saving application that help you configure device settings in order to maximize your battery life.

Here is our Top Battery Saving Application

1. Greenify:

Greenify is one of the top popular battery saving apps. Unlike many Android apps that claim to increase battery life, Greenify actually works.

Top Battery Saving Application

Greenify allows you to put other apps into hibernation when they are not in use, preventing them from operating in the background. You need to use Greenify carefully since it is very effective.

Doze features works very well for Android Nougat and above. This app is useful for both root and non-root devices.

2.GSam Battery Monitor:

Gsam provides a helpful “App Sucker” tool for quickly identifying apps draining your battery and won/t do anything on its own.

Top Battery Saving Application

You can also look up time estimates for your battery life based on your current and historical usage. It also shows details on wake locks, wake time, and even CPU and sensor data.

With all the useful information you can improve the battery life.

3. Du Battery Saver & widgets:

Du Battery Saver is another popular battery monitor and power saving Android app. You get one touch power optimization for convenient use.

Top Battery Saving Application

Even better the app comes with useful smart presets for saving battery life, with the option to create user-defined modes, as well as a battery charge-state monitor and tools for viewing apps overall power usage. With the Pro mode you can get even more modern features.

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