Top Most Android apps in 2018

We all know that play store is filled with all kind of apps. We have the habit of using app which are useful to us and can’t use all the apps in our phone also which rank for Top Most Android apps in 2018. If you looking for good android apps then some of you might use it already.

There are many outstanding apps in the android and Here is our pick for Top Most Android apps in 2018

1.LastPass Password Manager

If you’re someone who care about privacy and security. Well, LastPass is one of the must have app for your phone.

Top Most Android apps in 2018

LastPass is the best password manager out there for android. What it does is basically generates a impossible passwords for each site or app that requires one.

It has cross-platform support so you can use it on computers, mobile devices, tablets, or any devices
you need. It is a password manager which securely stores your login credentials and when you are signing up for a service it really does its job.

2.Nova Launcher

I never thought of adding this in the list but nova launcher is a must have app for any user even if you dont like launchers.

Top Most Android apps in 2018

Nova launcher works really swift and makers your phone faster than it is. It is constantly updated and better than your home launcher.

It has ton lots of features like the ability to backup and restore your home screen,
icon themes for all your apps, app drawer and whole new customization.

There is no replacement for nova launcher including the likes of pixel launcher. You can either go for free version
or the premium version.

3.Pocket Cast

There is no better option than Pocket Cast when it comes to Podcasts. You can watch your favorite shows with this app and chill out for hours.

Top Most Android apps in 2018

It allows you to download or stream podcast and offers whole lot of entertainment for your enjoyment. You can sync your audio across different devices, so that you can pick up where you left off and also supports audio-only and video podcast.

It is never a bad idea to pickup a podcast when it is Pocket Cast.


You can pick up any app when it is owned by google and Snapseed is just the same. It is a full fledged image editor along with filters all together in a single package and its totally free.

Top Most Android apps in 2018

What you can do with snapseed is endless and the depth and details it offers in editing is mind blowing. You can edit RAW images and tune it all the way to adjusting your detail levels and exposures.

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