Top tips to save your battery life

Even a powerful android smartphone dont have endless battery life. The mighty Apple was caught throttling the performance of older devices to reduce wear and tear on aging batteries.It is no wonder that most smartphone users would be more than happy to make it through a single day.

Top tips to save your battery life

..Which sadly is not the case for the most,so here is the Top tips to save your battery life.

Smartphone batteries don’t really last forever and it is embarrassing when your Screen On Time take a hit!.

There are many things which are concerned when it comes to battery life the first and foremost will be the display type(4K, QHD display sucks juice like anything else), processor, battery capacity, network signal and GPS. Fortunately, there are tips to increase your battery life and they work like a charm no matter what device you use.

Every checks have solution here is the Top tips to save your battery life

Battery Charge:

Nowadays, most of the smartphones suffer from low voltage problems. you don’t have to charge them all the way to 100% or discharge them all the way down.

You can just charge your phone from 20% to 90% and use it as you like. You can just follow the method which works for you.


It is evident that screen is the top culprit for battery drain. You can manually lower your screen brightness and auto brightness might seems like a useful feature but don’t use auto brightness it is usually brighter than you really need.

Make sure to turn it off .


Don’t use any booster in your device it will kill the app and the app runs again and the service just suck all the battery in your phone.

Battery Setting:

Use Black themes or wallpapers on your smartphone if your phone is Amoled display.

If your screen uses more black then battery life will be better.


Dont play High Graphic Intensive games in your smartphone unless you carry a charger to charge it again.

Network Signal:

Network signal plays a major role to drain your battery life drastically.

If you are in a area where network signal strength is poor then simply just turn on Airplane Mode to save the juice.

Battery Saving Mode:

you can use battery saving mode when you are battery is low. There are many power saving mode available for you to set and use it according to your need.

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